Sunday, February 25, 2018

 ST. VINCENT FERRER Catholic School      

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Parents Testimonials


 "As a parent of three children who have attended St. Vincent Ferrer since kindergarten, I have gotten to know this school very well.  The quality of education is excellent, and I know my children will be well prepared for whatever high school they choose.  Beyond education, SVF is an inclusive school where all kids are given the tools to succeed, A cooperative environment is fostered, with all grades interacting with each other-like one big family.  The kids truly care about one another and, similar to a family, learn to respect differences. If you are looking for a values-based education in an environment where your child can thrive, I encourage you to give St. Vincent Ferrer a chance."  Lisa Samson-Parent



 "Saint Vincent Ferrer provided a strong foundation for our daughters' success in high school and beyond.  All three of our daughters graduated from SVF and pursued rigorous education at a private all girls high school following their eighth grade graduation.  They were well prepared for the transition to high school, not only in the academic arena, but also in the area of service to others.  Our daughter's were encouraged to be themselves and they were nurtured in a loving environment, where respect for others was modeled on a daily basis.  Combining academic excellence with Christian values gave our daughters a complete education.  We are so grateful for their education at Saint Vincent Ferrer."  Marilyn Fields-Former SVF Parent



Over the past 15 years, I have been blessed to be a part of the St. Vincent Ferrer community as a parent.  My four children have been educated, but more importantly, nurtured by the SVF community.  The entire community-the teachers, students, and families-have always been a  second family to my children.  They have challenged them to meet their full potential, celebrated their successes, and even wrapped their arms around them and supported them in difficult times.  I am thankful every day that my four children have their educational foundation in such a loving community.

            When I was hired as Kindergarten teacher, I was given the opportunity to give back to the community that has given so much to my own children.  It is a blessing to teach in a school where everyone works together for the benefit of every child, and to be a part of a staff that gives so much to ensure the success of not just every child, but supports one another as well.  Our families work hard for the benefit of our school and for each other. Many times, I have seen our parents rally to support not just the school, but other SVF families as well.  The older children know the names of the younger children, and they take pride in being examples to the little ones because they have learned by the example of a loving community every day.  The most beautiful thing to see is when our students put their faith into action and give back to the greater community.

            This is a Christ-centered community, and it truly a gift to everyone that is a part of it!  Mikki Dunkley-SVF Parent and Teacher



My husband, John and I, have been members of St. Vincent Ferrer Parish for over 25 years. When we first joined St. Vincent, my husband was not Catholic. He had grown up in the Presbyterian faith.  However, he felt comfortable and welcomed by then Father Bill Proud, followed by Father Terry Hamilton, followed by Father George Kunkel.

Our first child, Meggie, was baptized at St. Vincent. When it came time to choose a school, we chose St. Vincent because of its fine reputation for academics and in talking with other parishioners, many were happy with the school. John participated in the RICA program and converted to Catholicism in 1997. Later, our other two children, Katie and Robby, were baptized at St. Vincent and attended the school.

As I think back on our years at St. Vincent, there were many things that I liked about the school. It was small, so our kids received individualized attention. Because it was small, teachers could be attentive to students’ individualized needs. The families were kind, the kids were nice. The academics were strong. The visual and musical arts were very good. We had an excellent technology and library programs. The facility was beautiful!

 I would consider our children successful, partially based on the education that they received at St. Vincent Ferrer. Our oldest daughter, Meggie, graduated from the Ohio State College of Nursing with a BSN and is working at The Christ Hospital in the Cardiac Stepdown Unit. Our second daughter, Katie is a freshman in the Lindner Honors Plus program in the Carl H. Lindner College of Business at UC. Our son, is a senior at St. X, contemplating some fine college choices.

The most important thing to me about the school, however, was the emphasis on faith in everyday life. The staff, teachers and students didn’t just “talk it.” They “walked it.” The day started and ended with prayer. Faith was woven into classroom learning. Principals, teachers and staff were compassionate. I felt like the school instilled values for a lifetime.

If we had it to do all over again, I know my husband and I would choose Catholic education. Like all of us, our children’s lifetimes will be filled with good times and bad times. However, I believe that their daily immersion in the Catholic faith as children has led to a strong relationship with God. I trust that relationship will continue to grow because of the seeds of faith planted and nurtured at St. Vincent Ferrer School.  Julie Abraham-Former SVF Parent



When our family stepped through the doors of St. Vincent Ferrer School, we had only been parishioners for less than a year. We belonged to another local parish, but really never felt connected and a friend had directed us to St. Vincent’s. From the moment we came to the parish, the warm, friendly atmosphere was very welcoming and we were hooked. Seven months later, when we were looking for kindergarten for our oldest son, we originally planned on public school. Scott was in residency and we didn’t have two nickels to rub together, plus we weren’t sure we would be staying in Cincinnati when he completed his training, so public school seemed like the obvious choice for us. However, the more we went to St. Vincent Ferrer church and saw the wonderful families, the more we thought about sending our son to St. Vincent’s for kindergarten. We made a late decision and two days before school started, we registered Kirtland for morning kindergarten and we haven’t looked back.

        Four children and seventeen years later, we sat at our youngest child’s 8th grade graduation last May with full hearts. Each of our kids left with lifelong friendships and a faith filled education that would serve them well in high school, college and beyond. Our kids have had to work hard for their grades, academics were not always a walk in the park for them, but the values St. Vincent’s instilled in them has carried them through the years. That little guy that started kindergarten 17 1/2 years ago is a college graduate and working artist. The rest of the kids are at varied levels of their continued education, working hard and doing well and we feel it’s due to a strong foundation both from home and the nine years spent at St. Vincent Ferrer school.  Amy Hobler-Former SVF Parent

We started our daughter at SVF in third grade; and we have never regretted it!  Before, she was attending our local public school, but there was no sense of community or unity.  The teachers hardly knew us, let alone the principal.  Volunteering felt like a chore; and we did not feel welcomed by other families, though our children have gone to school together since Kindergarten.  We never recognized another parent or child outside of the school and did not feel the need to boast about the school to friends or family.  

That all changed!  We were immediately welcomed into SVF with open arms, by students, teachers, and other families, even though we had just started there.  And now, after being with SVF for four years, we are on the PTO Board for the third year in a row.  We enjoy volunteering at the school.  SVF's principal knows our daughter by name, and us, as well.  Teachers that my daughter hasn't even had know our family.  All faculty, parents, other students - they all help my daughter succeed in school and in life.  And we can not wait to start our son at SVF.  The SVF Community feels more like home than a school...  We proudly spread the word about St. Vincent Ferrer!   Kellie and Alex Madyda-SVF Parents

My family is blessed to be a part of the SVF School & Parish family!  I love that my daughter's Jr. High teachers know my elementary age sons almost as well as they know her.  The school staff truly enjoys teaching at SVF & it shows in all they do for our children. Parents are also welcomed and encouraged to be a part of the school environment.  My husband & I have made many life long friends with other SVF parents through our time volunteering at school.  Because of the teacher and parent involvement, St. Vincent offers so many extras to our children beyond the strong academics such as fine arts, music, sports, socials, field trips, & community service projects.  SVF promotes a loving, Christian, inclusive environment that allows children with different types of gifts & special needs to thrive.  It is our home away from home.  Shawn Pence-SVF Parent